Weddings at St. Andrews


The first question you will want to ask yourselves is whether you want a Christian marriage or a secular marriage. The church is more than just a beautiful setting for the ceremony. Historically, people have married in a church because they want the Christian faith to be a part of their coming together as husband and wife, and an ongoing part of their future life together. It is important to understand that Christian marriage implies a belief that God, through Jesus Christ, will play an important role in the relationship – both at the time of the wedding and into the future. Unless you understand and feel comfortable with the disciplines and dedication required in Christian marriage, the Church is not an appropriate place for your wedding.

The Church is the people of God, the Christian community which supports, encourages, and prays for the couple in their life together. Therefore, we hold weddings only for couples in which at least one is a committed Christian who seeks the guidance of Christ throughout the pre-wedding preparation period and beyond, and seeks the fellowship of the people of Christ wherever he or she may be. While at least one of the two must be a professing Christian, neither needs be a member of our congregation.

If you would like to discuss having your wedding at St. Andrews, please contact the church secretary.    (478)474-4451

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